Peace of Mind

Peace of mind knowing that our network is being taken care of and that any IT related issues will be resolved right away. Accounteks have been taking amazing care of our IT needs right from the start.  They came in when we were in trouble because of the mistakes of another IT firm and was able to resolve the issues with minimum disruption to our business.  Since then they have maintained our IT infrastructure without any issues, leaving us to focus on our business even though we do not have a dedicated IT employee.  Their knowledge and professionalism have been nothing but outstanding and we would not hesitate to recommend them to any company looking for someone to handle all their IT needs.

Steph Naude’ Injectron Corporation

Accounteks allows us to focus on our work without distractions

Accounteks has been a very strategic offering cost-effective solutions for all of our needs, for both preventive maintenance and to remedy occasional issues that arise.  They assisted us by installing a new server; managing our IT resources; managing a move to our new office; and ensuring that we are up and running at all times.  The team is experienced, available when we need them, and easy to work with.  We used to waste time managing IT issues that we shouldn’t have, and Accounteks now allows us to focus on our work without distractions.

Christopher Santomassimo Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP

I have been able to focus my attention on business matters

As a business owner, I have been able to focus my attention on business matters and no longer have to be involved in day-to-day IT issues. Accounteks has worked hand-in hand with our staff to resolve IT issues without involving me.  This is a huge benefit for me. Accounteks has deep experience in all aspects of IT so the choice to use them is easy. Their pricing is very competitive, they are very easy to work with and are very responsive when we call with a problem – no matter the day of the week or time!

Anthony Davis Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP

The employees at Accounteks are not only technically sound, but they are also great at customer service

Working with Accounteks is like having a dedicated IT staff for a margin of the price of an in-house IT professional. There has never been a problem they couldn’t resolve for us. They are always willing to go the extra mile. Accounteks only hires top notch talent to service its clients. Our company has been working with Accounteks for several years now and it has always been an open and transparent relationship with no hidden costs.

Peter Amezquita Loumidis Foods Inc.

I literally can’t think of the last time we had any kind of significant problem with our systems

We’ve benefitted in many ways from working with Accounteks. We’ve had extraordinary uptime. I literally can’t think of the last time we had any kind of significant problem with our systems. We’re benefiting from working with some very sharp people at Accounteks, I am enjoying the new flat-rate contract because I can have any problem resolved by people I trust. Even though I am capable of solving some of these problems myself, it’s not the best use of my time. All I can say is that Accounteks has handled every problem that I’ve thrown at them. Accounteks has demonstrated a range of mastery of hardware and software that is extremely impressive. We’ve been working with you for almost eight years, and I’ve never had any reason to think about going to anyone else.

Andy Oliner Oliner Fibre Co. Inc.


Scott and his team at Accounteks provide offsite monitoring and maintenance of our IT systems.  We have confidence our network is secure and confident we can get someone on the phone in a moment’s notice to address any questions or issues. Accounteks has provided our IT services for over 20 years.  You are getting someone who cares about the services being provided and finding the appropriate solutions for your business needs.

John Martine McCabe Heidrich & Wong P.C.

Uptime, Dependability and Reliability

When issues come up, the Accounteks staff is either on the phone, in our computers or in our office addressing the issue in a timely manner. Outsourcing to Accounteks is far more reliable and cost effective then hiring your own IT manager. Credibility, reliability and the right staff are far more important than a just taking the lowest bid. If your operations rely on not having your system being down, then Accounteks is the obvious IT outsource choice.

Howard Bergstein Erich Courant & Co.

Dependability and Commitment

We are confident that our systems will always be up and running and security is in place. Accounteks tech support responds quickly when there is an issue. They are trustworthy and committed to making sure our network works efficiently so we can devote our time to what we do.

Yvonne Sitko Erich Courant & Co.

Security and Compliance experts

Accounteks’ ability to adapt our systems and needs to conform with security and outside compliance requirements gives us peace of mind. Our industry is heavily regulated, and our systems require specialized attention and customization. The owners’ commitment to their clients is outstanding.

Michael Stieglitz CKW Wealth Management

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind knowing that our IT system is working seamlessly both in the office and remotely. Our system works exactly as we need it to in order to maximize our business performance. At the same time, monitored and protected from outside interference with no down time issues ever experienced. The Accounteks staff are all highly skilled, professional, responsive, very knowledgeable and attentive. The service is reasonably priced.

Joseph Vogel Kravet & Vogel

Any perspective customer should use your full IT services because you are responsive, and you care about your clients.  You and your people have given us sincere effort and have developed great working relationships with our staff

Accounteks worked with our people to analyze the deficiencies in our hardware/software configurations and assisted us to provide cures within our budget. We now have a stable hardware configuration in both companies. Accounteks adapted well to the various software that is used by our solid waste company and our CPA firm, two very different applications.  By the end of our first full year, you worked with us to design and implement several improvements to our IT environment. We are in a much more stable condition because of Scott his staff’s efforts. Further, Accounteks has interfaced well with our system security consultants and our system have become more secured and monitored.

John Mango Mango & Huber CPAs – Evergreen Recycling Solutions

Accounteks is current on the latest hardware, software and Cybersecurity technology requirements

Accounteks provides sound advice and support to meet current needs. They provide excellent remote and on-site support along with off-hour support for emergency situations. Accounteks is also very familiar with multiple application programs from standard office programs through MRP systems and engineering software. IT support pricing may seem to vary from firm to firm but consider how valuable your data is and the integrity of your network infrastructure. Waiting 3 days for your IT supplier to get you back on-line, what is that worth?

Sean Tucker Bruderer Machinery, Inc.


We know that our data and system is secure.  We feel that all of Accounteks technicians are very competent and are able to address problems that arise quickly to keep us operating no matter what. Choose Accounteks, we are happy to meet with any prospective Accounteks customers and explain our mutual success.

AJ Rupp Bruderer Machinery, Inc.


While we must always budget yearly for IT expenses, doing business with Accounteks has assured us that we are always up to date with our equipment.  All of the latest security measures are installed and updated on a regular basis to minimize the opportunity for hackers and viruses, thus eliminating many preventable emergencies. Accounteks are worth the money!

Danny Schwartzstein Gotham Sales

Leaving IT to the professionals

We've been able to expand our business and upgrade our systems, network, and peripherals as we've grown. We are free to do what we do best without having to pay for an in-house IT person. Accounteks has been a trusted advisor, growing with us. Taking the task of ensuring our contracts and licenses are current. Assisting with our annual budget regarding updating hardware and regularly update our systems and software. Most importantly, they are a phone call away when we have a crisis. We've been working with Accounteks for close to twenty years! The level of service and support is terrific. The team is competent, reliable, professional and provide the highest level of customer service. They are viewed more as an extension of our firm and less like an "outside vendor."

Tish Noble The Oneil Search Group

Peace of Mind

Our system has continuously operated without any issues or crashes, as well as having excellent firewall protection that has stopped and prevented any hacking into our system. Accounteks has consistently designed and upgraded our system to fit our needs and volume of usage that has changed through the years.  At their suggestion, we moved to a “cloud” based system that has worked seamlessly since implementation. While also significantly reducing our computer system costs on servers and other hardware.  Finally, Accounteks is incredibly responsive to the few problems that have arisen by very promptly providing personnel to address and resolve any issue.

David McLain Palisades Financial

Down time is basically nonexistent

The number one reason that we are with Accounteks is that our “down” time is basically nonexistent. When we have a problem, it is usually solved very quickly. Accounteks is a service business and generally, we are very happy with the services they provide. I think personalized service is the number one issue with service companies. I tell potential clients that you are dealing with me now, and you will be dealing with me 10 years from now. Clients do not want to talk with different people each time something comes up. They want consistency.

Christopher LaBarbiera Matthews, Panariello P.C.

Accessibility & Responsive

The accessibility to professionals that are timely in their responses and communicate the detail behind the IT issues that we are experiencing. Accounteks has been very responsive and thorough in evaluating our IT solutions and providing recommendations on how to be more efficient.

Fabian Herrera PFSP

We Never Have to Worry

Accounteks feels like they are part of our company with our best interests in mind and what our needs are to help us grow. Worry free, proactive support with a quick response to our needs.

Michael Kedersha Athra NJ Inc.

Personal involvement from the Accounteks owner

Scott guarantees that Accounteks understands customer needs and at the end delivers a solid IT setup with consistent operation and reliability. Rest assured that the owner of Accounteks will assess, overview and handle customer’s needs instead of a customer service rep – this means a lot for a small/mid-size businesses owner.

Iason Loumidis Loumidis Foods Inc.


Accounteks can recommend and implement an overall IT strategy across the business. They have a knowledgeable staff with the ability to troubleshoot with excellent response time. Accounteks is the full support package, easy to work with.

Megan Spencer Tarantin Industries

Accounteks caters to the client’s needs

Having Accounteks expertise on call particularly when purchasing new equipment and researching software options is invaluable. They are a company that deals with clients at many different technical savvy levels.  We are on the lower end of that scale and appreciate the extra time to break things down to a level that our people are able to understand.

Karen Davenport Resurrection Episcopal Day School

Scott is like family to us, Accounteks has been with us for a long time. We get Scott or Ken when we need anything, so I don’t have too many worries at all. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Janelle Colonna Colonna Brothers Inc.

Accounteks will save you time, money, improve business processes and prevent business interruptions

There is not one single benefit to having Accounteks as our IT provider, there are a few. They empower us to become more efficient by delivering products to us that are cost effective for our business needs. The on-going support of their team is very helpful to us in gaining knowledge and growing in the technology world. Give Accounteks a chance to prove to you that they are the IT consulting firm that will provide outstanding solutions to your day to day business needs. You will have remote access to your business 24/7 without having to leave your home or vacation destination.

Diane Maniscalco Colonna Brothers Inc.

Peace of Mind

Accounteks can fix any issue that comes up relating to server or computer network in a timely manner.

Craig Stamer Quadrangle Products Inc.

Quick resolution of any IT issues

Accounteks has been our IT provider for over 10 years. They have the expertise and are setup to handle any IT issue we’ve experienced in a timely manner. They also do a good job of working with us to plan for long-term IT and equipment needs, giving us time to budget and helping to minimize surprises.

Geri Rickert Quadrangle Products Inc.


Whenever there is a big problem, it gets solved promptly. Accounteks keeps our software and hardware up-to-date. Scott and his staff are nice, talented and show up regularly and quickly when there are emergencies.

Michael Brettler Shapiro Bernstein & Co.

Every IT issue we run into is addressed promptly and effectively 24/7

If you are not looking for a simple IT supplier, but for a partner that will help and support you all the way… go with Accounteks!

Daniele Zoni Castelli America

Responsive Team

The Accounteks team is patient in resolving issues for our users. They provide us weekend and busy season support that is critical to the success of our business as well as experience in the accounting firm space. These are the main reasons we switched to Accounteks as our IT firm.

Scott is personally available and responsive; no hard sell.

Irina Tafel Vista Tax Group

For a small private company, the 24-hour coverage from Accounteks is invaluable; it keeps us up and running

Accounteks offers a Wide range of IT expertise to assist in making intelligent business decisions particularly in Cybersecurity as well as hardware and software purchases. The president of Accounteks is very responsive and is always involved in your account. Accounteks will design an IT plan and implement the plan in stages based on your IT budget; they don’t oversell you!

Ann Russo Health/ROI

The staff is professional and very meticulous in their work

We recently started working with Accounteks to cross over to a new platform as well as installing all new computers in our office.  This transition was smooth due to Accounteks’ professionalism, knowledge of the products and equipment and the support and staff to complete our conversion of 18 desktop computers. The staff is professional and very meticulous in their work. The due diligence and expected outcomes were quite a help to our staff in making this conversion.  We had very little down time and were up and running in no time. They are very responsive and helpful with any issues the staff may have and we would highly recommend Accounteks!

Bill Dagiantis Imperial Painting

Efficiency is very important for business continuity and success

We cannot provide expert service to our clients unless we have expert IT outsourcing support. Our experience with Accounteks has been no network interruptions in all the years we have used their services. Efficiency is very important for business continuity and success. Using Accounteks is like having them physically next door to us. Their remote access and continued professional IT services have enabled our staff to work efficiently and has enabled them to provide excellent client / customer satisfaction due to our excellent IT support team. If someone was on the fence about choosing Accounteks as their IT firm. I would tell them if they want a professional IT team to create a system for managing their on-site needs, and they do not value our recommendation it will be for them, opportunity lost.

Lorraine Grieco Peter Vallas Associates

Outstanding customer service

We have been using Accounteks since 2007, their customer service has been outstanding. Working in a client-based business, response time for IT problems is critical. Whether application based, email based, or security based, Accounteks’ response time is unparalleled to other IT support companies. Look no further, Accounteks has continued to go above and beyond for our company. They are extremely trustworthy and easy to get in contact with. Their routine maintenance keeps our systems in check and they always inform us of the newest technology.

Ciro Daidone The Estate at Florentine Gardens